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Zoom Photo Safaris specializes in individually tailored safari experiences coupled with the opportunity to learn the art of wildlife, nature, and people photography. Dominyk Lever, the founder of Zoom, is a professional photographer and guide with more than 20 years’ experience leading safaris to the unique wilderness areas of Tanzania and a wide range of world-class destinations in Africa, Australia, Asia, and South America.


Dominyk consults directly with each client before the safari to ensure that the experience meets all their dreams and expectations. There are no fixed, standard trips with zoOm Photo Safaris - rather our itineraries are carefully formulated to maximize your enjoyment of the safari by factoring in the time of year, the migration of the animals, and the likely weather conditions. We also ensure that each client’s specific needs are known and met and that all potential concerns are avoided.


Dominyk consults directly with each client before the safari to ensure that the experience meets all their dreams and expectations. There are no fixed, standard trips with zoOm Photo Safaris - rather our itineraries are carefully formulated to maximize your enjoyment of the safari by factoring in the time of year, the migration of the animals, and the likely weather conditions. We also ensure that each client’s specific needs are known and met and that all potential concerns are avoided.



“Dr Livingstone I presume?” These are the immortal words spoken by American explorer Henry Morton Stanley upon meeting fellow explorer and missionary Dr. David Livingstone on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania over 150 years ago. This famous line is as familiar today to people the world over as the names Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, Ngorongoro and Masai. 


Tanzania is one of those special places – a country familiar to most long before they can locate it on a map. A country that truly has it all, from animal filled plains to snow capped peaks; from enormous lakes to white sands and turquoise oceans; from modern cities to ancient cultures. 


Tanzanian history stretches back to a time when our earliest human ancestors first walked the earth. A time of volcanoes and prehistoric animals, unlocked in the rocks of Olduvai Gorge by the world-renowned paleontologists Mary and Louis Leakey. With over one fifth of its surface area protected, Tanzania is the perfect place for first time safari goers and more experienced travelers alike and Zoom Photo Safaris has the experience and skill to help plan and implement your African trip of a lifetime.


Here is a link to a table that shows the premier wildlife parks in Tanzania along with Zanzibar with the best months to visit each area. You can click on the video links within the document to give you an idea what to expect of each destination at that time.

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If east Africa is the home of Safari, then Zambia can lay claim to being the home of the Walking Safari. Pioneered by the late Norman Carr in the 1940’s, walking safaris in Zambia have become synonymous with this highly underrated safari destination. This is a unique and highly rewarding way to experience some of the more fascinating things often missed from a vehicle with tracks and signs as well as smaller animals and insect coming alive through the knowledge and enthusiasm of your guide.


Located between two of Africa’s main watersheds, Zambia’s topography is characterised by vast river valleys and extensive, nutrient rich flood plains. It is a combination of these geographical and physical conditions that come together to give Zambia its unique and abundant wildlife with the Zambezi Valley, Kafue National Park (NP), South Luangwa NP and the world’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls the premier attractions.


In addition to walking safaris, Zambia also offers some of the best game driving in Africa and is one of the few countries that allows night drives - opening up a whole new world of animals and birds unlikely to be seen during the day. With head guide and Dominyk Lever qualified as a walking and driving guide in Zambia’s South Luangwa NP, you cant go past Zoom Photo Safaris to plan your Zambian adventure.

St George rock-hewn church in Lalibela,


Far from being a land of drought and famine, Ethiopia is a watershed for many countries in Africa. In fact, well over half of the water that flows into the Nile comes from Lake Tana in the Ethiopian highlands. Ethiopia is also home to nine world heritage sites - equal with Morocco as the most of any country in Africa and two more than Egypt.

Aside from an extraordinary Christian heritage that dates back to the first Century AD, Ethiopia is also regarded as the best birding destination in Africa and is home to some of the continents most unique wildlife including the worlds rarest canid (dog) and Africa's only species of wolf! Ethiopia also has some of the highest and most spectacular mountain ranges in Africa! 

In the space of just a couple of weeks you can witness the colorful Ethiopian Christian celebration of Epiphany (Timkat); walk through rock hewn churches and castles from the 14th century; track the endemic Simien Wolf, Gelada Baboon, Walia Ibex and Mountain Nyala through some of the most stunning mountain range scenery in the world - and if that's not enough, you can try your hand at fly fishing in arguably the worlds least known and one of Africa's finest wild trout fisheries.

Surfer at Tamarama beach in Sydney, Aust


The Land Down Under: The Great Southern Land: The Lucky Country; Oz - there are many names for the world's largest island and smallest continent, Australia. Home to an indigenous culture that dates back tens of thousands of years and a diverse multicultural modern-day society with roots in every corner of the globe, this amazing country has something for everyone.

Separated from the other landmasses comprising Gondwanaland for tens of millions of years, the culture, landscape, and flora & fauna have changed and evolved in isolation creating one of the most unique and diverse countries on earth. Indigenous Australians arrived on the continent over 50,000 years ago and continue to practice their ancient traditions in some of the more remote and scenically spectacular parts of the country.


Australia is home to the world's longest barrier reef, The Great Barrier Reef, as well as vast deserts, snow-capped mountains, and lush rainforests, and its animals and plants are as many as varied as its geography. From the iconic kangaroo and koala to the endangered Tasmanian Devil, Australia's marsupial fauna is the most diverse on earth. Added this, the bird, reptile, and aquatic life that calls Australia and its waters home, Australia should be at the top of everyone's bucket list.



Whilst Africa is known worldwide as the home of safari, it could be argued that India also has a claim to the title. Like Africa, India also has the so-called “Big 5” with the Asian Elephant, Asiatic Lion, Leopard, Indian Bison or Gaur and the Indian One-horned Rhino all present in good numbers across the parks and reserves of the sub-continent. In addition, India also has numerous species of bear, abundant deer and antelopes, hyena, jackal, wild dog and arguably the most iconic big cat of all, the Tiger.


Along with abundant natural beauty, India also has a rich cultural history with most of the world’s major religions present, adding to a rich tapestry of traditions as well as world famous landmarks including arguably the world’s most famous building, the magnificent Taj Mahal. Built in the 17th century by the Emperor Shah Jahan to honour his late wife Mumtaz Mahal, the Taj Mahal is an enduring monument to love and magnificent Mughal architecture.


There are three main seasons in India – a dry winter, a dry summer and a hot, wet monsoon that is the life-blood of the animals and people. The peak time to travel is outside of the heavy rains between October and March with upwards of 20 main wildlife areas to choose from that in combination with an abundance of landmarks can make for a trip of a lifetime.

Galapagos Tortoise in the Galapagos Isla


The Galapagos Archipelago is located some 500 miles of the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. This chain of volcanic islands straddles the equator and ever since Charles Darwin first described it’s unique animal and plant species during his visit in 1835, they have been on the forefront of the study of how evolution has shaped the living world that we see today.


From giant tortoises to Marine Iguanas and the world’s most northerly species of penguin, the Galapagos Islands are home to an abundance of animals and birds found nowhere else on earth. Visitors are also afforded unrivalled access on foot and by boat due to the isolation of this physical and geographical phenomenon.


Easily accessible from Ecuador by plane, a visit to the Galapagos is high on a lot of people’s bucket lists and has never been easier to achieve. Dominyk has led numerous trips to the Galapagos and his extensive knowledge and photography skills combined with the services or expert local guides means that there is no better way to experience what is one of the top wildlife experiences on the planet.


Honeymoons & Weddings

What beats a dream safari in Tanzania accompanied by a professional guide and photographer? How about a dream safari in Tanzania accompanied by a professional guide and photographer who also specializes in engagement, wedding and honeymoon photography?


Zoom Photo Safaris Head Guide & Owner, Dominyk Lever, has photographed engagements, weddings and honeymoons on four continents over the past 20 years. He now offers the unique opportunity for couples to receive a personalized record of their once in a lifetime safari including a disc of still images, an edited video and a memory-filled coffee table book delivered anywhere in the world.


Zoom Photo Safaris can plan every detail of your wedding or honeymoon safari and Dominyk will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for in terms of experience and price. He will also make sure that your itinerary is planned to take full advantage of the wildlife sighting opportunities available during the season you want to travel.


Should you wish to get married or honeymoon in Tanzania, or plan something special such as a traditional Masai blessing ceremony, we can also help make this a reality. So begin planning your dream honeymoon or wedding safari by sending us an email today.

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Kris Helgen - 

Former Curator of Mammals at the Smithsonian

Dominyk Lever is one of my favorite safari guides in Africa. Originally from Australia, Dom lives in Tanzania and has worked extensively in East Africa, Zambia, and Ethiopia. I am proud to call him a friend, and I have learned many things from him in our travels together. To every safari Dom brings a passion for nature and the bush, extensive experience as a world traveler, training in environmental science, and, especially, remarkable skills as a professional photographer. His warmth, wisdom, and humor resonate deeply with all of his clients. A safari with Dom is the experience of a lifetime.


Carolyn - 

Professional Photographer


My husband and I first met Dominyk as a young man at the Highland Show in Goroka, Papua New Guinea in 2000.  We are both professional photographers and had been seriously travelling and photographing the world  since 1996. We had been organizing our own trips until 2000 when my Multiple Sclerosis became so bad I had to travel in a wheel chair. We have undertaken safaris with Dom to Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Ethipia.We cannot recommend Dom and Zoom Photo Safaris more - we not only came home with sensational photographs but memories that will live with us forever!


Cynthia & David - 


We arranged a trip to Tanzania with Zoom Photo Safaris in 2011 for a group of eight friends. Dom was recommended by a friend who had used his services earlier in the year for a trip to Tanznaia and could not say enough positive things about it or about him. Dom is an extremely knowledgeable guide regarding every aspect of Tanzanian life, history, fauna, flora, etc. Our accommodations and meals throughout Tanzania including the Serengeti were of the highest quality. Without reservation we would recommend his services whether in Africa, India or South America.


Pen, & Writer & Director

Los Angels

We just returned from an amazing safari in Tanzania and I would like to recommend Dom and zoOm without reservation.  We were so impressed with his expertise and professionalism about every aspect of the trip. His knowledge of the ecosystem of the Serengeti, the animal species, their habitat and behavior and his ability to spot animals and pick them out of the vast expanse of plains and forest, was extraordinary.  He is also a professional photographer and when possible positioned the safari vehicle to get a good vantage point for observation and picture taking.