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Dom cut his teeth in photography as a child on numerous holidays with his mother and father to Africa, Asia, and South America. Using equipment handed down to him, Dom soon formed a style all of his own that first saw him take an interest in people photography and then extended to include urban and natural scenes and ultimately wildlife through his school years catching snakes and frogs in Australia.

His interest in animal photography reached its zenith when he qualified as a professional safari guide in the country of his birth, Zambia, after completing his undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Sydney. In a time before digital, Dom would have to wait six months or more before he could see his slides, which only served to increase his hunger to develop his art.

From his home in Tanzania’s third-largest city Arusha, Dom runs his photography business and plans his next adventures. Now located in the leafy suburb of Uzunguni, zoOm Photo Gallery is a base from which he creates what has become his signature photoArt style created entirely from his photos, as well as filling commercial orders for some of Tanzania’s top safari operators and lodges. Whether it’s off the beaten track safari adventures or photography services, Dom and zoOm have you covered

About Dom Lever & zoOm

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I was born to be an adventurer. In 1978, at the tender age of three, my parents Frank & Julia decided to travel home to Australia from Zambia - the long way! Packing up their lives (and me!) after three years living and working in Lusaka, we travelled to the UK, bought a Mercedes campervan and started out on an overland journey through 20 countries to Nepal…and back! Covering over 30,000 miles in one year, this journey would be impossible today, if it wasn’t then!

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